Welcome to the Valkyrian Realm!
If you don’t follow these rules, you will be punished at the staff’s discretion.

Valkryian Legacy Explorative PVE KoD VAM/AoC/EEWA Server Information, Guidelines and Expectations

In case of server disruption, contact @Equivicus @Elena or @Kira Simone

Trust, communication and sportsmanship are the pillars of our unity. Play and speak as if you have been invited into someone's home.

Server Name: Valkyrian Legacy Explorative PVEKOD VAM/AoC/EWWA


Password: currently not in use

Server Region: EU

6x Harvest, 4x XP, KOD.

Clan size 6

Mod List Available Here

-ALL character names are limited to English Alphabet and standard numbers. Do not use symbols or other languages.

-Each clan can have ONE main base and one outpost. Building piece limit 10K (BUILDING AND DECORATIONS) pieces per clan.

  • No Fence stacking, honeycombing, or overly exaggerated building, this clogs the server and causes lag. We are a relaxed PVE server so all that extra defense isn’t necessary. Build to show off some STYLE.

  • No foundation spam via alters, vaults, or building pieces to claim land around you.

  • No Racial, Sexist, Political, Religious or otherwise trolling and abuse towards others, either in your name, in the chat or in discord.

  • No buildings blocking boss spawns/rare resource spawns/rare thrall spawns/portals/dungeon entrances.

OPEN Admin buildings are for public use. Open items and bench use, you are welcome to, within reasonable limits. Be courteous. Take what you need, leave what you can. No take all or removing thralls.

-Failure to read, know or clarify these guidelines and expectations is not an excuse.

/sethome, /home, /return, and /warp are all activated (even encumbered) to ease your transportation.

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